Dr. Kuperman participates with most insurances.

Patients are responsible for their co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.

A co-pay is a payment that is made at the time of your appointment. It is typically listed on your insurance card what the amount is. If you have a co-pay it can range from $5 on up depending on your specific plan.

Co-insurance is a percent of the approved amount that you are responsible for.

Deductibles are a specific dollar amount that your plan holds you responsible for paying.


Some insurances require referrals from your Primary Care Physician. Below is a list of insurance companies that do require a referral. Please have your Primary Care Physician fax a referral to 401-751-6888.

Insurance Companies That Require Referrals

BlueChip with the prefix MTN or MTP.

Tufts HMO
Harvard Pilgrim HMO